2018 Schedule

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Friday April 27


Check In starts


Welcome Dance, first half: Kathy Anderson calls with George Paul and Cailen Campbell


Welcome Dance, second half: Nils Fredland calls with KGB


Saturday April 28


Main Dance Hall: “Louie Cromartie’s Favorites” Kathy Anderson calls contras and squares that Louie loved to call and we love to dance, to the music of George Paul and Cailen Campbell.

Lunch Room: “Community Dance for All Ages”  Ruth Pershing leads an assortment of dances accessible to everyone, including longways sets, circle mixers, accessible contras and light-hearted squares, along with a brief interlude of jokes (bring yours!), rounds, and a few surprises! To the music of Jared Kirkpatrick and Dean Herington.


Main Dance Hall: “Chestnuts”  Nils Fredland will lead you through an exploration of the relationships between old dances and the modern dances they have inspired. To the music of KGB.

Lunch Room: “Role Free Dancing”  Eileen Thorsos and Andrea Nettleton will lead you through a re-imagining of contradance without traditional roles; re-discover familiar figures in exciting new ways, and be inspired in your own dance style. To the music of Jared Kirkpatrick and Dean Herington.



Box lunch option available for purchase – please see the Registration page for options

Local restaurants and BYOFood are covered on the Food and Drink page


Main Dance Hall: “Challenging Squares”  Kathy Anderson will lead dances from the Country Corners Canon, as well as others, that will stimulate your brain and your feet! To the music of KGB.

Lunch Room: “Learn to Hambo and More”  Steven Peterson, a nationally known scandinavian dancer, will teach you how to Hambo (and refresh you on it if you’ve done it before but are rusty), and with time permitting, cover other Scandinavian Couples Dances. To the music of Bruce Emery and Cosi Long.


Main Dance Hall: “Formations Galore”  Nils Fredland will lead you in all kinds of dance shapes and sizes – Grid squares, circles small and large, double quadrilles, partner-less (?!), and more! To the music of George Paul and Cailen Campbell.

Lunch Room: “Community Sing” with Catherine Shreve. Energize your body and soothe your soul by singing with your community! Catherine will bring a varied repertoire of traditional songs that are great for singing along and harmonizing. We will sing by heart and by ear, with lyrics provided as needed. All you need to bring is your voice and enthusiasm.



2 Food Trucks are in the plan, but are not 100% confirmed yet, so please stay tuned!

Please see the Food and Drink page for other info.


The Spring Dance! First half: Nils Fredland calls with George Paul and Cailen Campbell

9:55 – 11:30pm

The Spring Dance! Second half: Kathy Anderson calls with KGB


Waltzing with the stars: George Paul and Cailen Campbell. If you have not already had the pleasure of waltzing to these two, then you may know that George is one of the most prolific waltz composers of our time. Simply poetic. It will lift you off your feet – worth sticking around for!


Sunday April 29


Main Dance Hall: “Wake up waltzing” with George Paul and Cailen Campbell. It’s not often you get to start your day to amazing waltzing. The perfect thing for a perfect weekend.

Lunch Room or Lobby: “Shape Note Singing”  Kyle Johnson will lead you in this extremely approachable, harmonic style of singing. Shapenote singing was featured in the movie “Cold Mountain.” Here’s a basic description. The local shapenote singing group can be found here.


Farewell Dance, first half: Nils Fredland calls with George Paul and Cailen Campbell


Lunch Break


Farewell Dance, second half: Kathy Anderson calls with KGB


Cleanup and goodbye hugs