Gender Free Dancing


In this workshop, we’ll be dancing both Contra and English dances, but with a twist. We’ll be doing it without gender role calling. “Larks and Ravens” you may ask? No. “Leads and Follows?” Negative. “Tigers and Bears?” Nope. It’s called positional calling, and it’s an easy and very effective (but little known) way for callers to tell you what’s going on, and what to do, regardless of your role. It opens up the possibilities for dancing…trying another role, swapping roles, and even swapping back and forth.

Did you know that the Triangle’s English dance has been gender-less for the past 25 years? It’s OK – you don’t know until you do, and now you do, and as GI Joe say, “knowing is half the battle.” It’s pretty amazing. Every dance is called based on position instead of lady or gent! Folks across the country have been exploring and debating different alternatives to gendered role names. Last year, Eileen and Audrey helped us look at some of the theory behind it. Come experience this alternative that was home grown right here in our local community.

Music will be by Dean Herington and Friends.

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