Spring Dance Romance 2020 is Cancelled

Unfortunately, with the recent developments in the spread of the newest novel corona virus, we have cancelled Spring Dance Romance for 2020 as of 3/13/2020. While there were previously differing opinions locally and nationally on the necessity of cancelling events, there is now consensus that it is the responsible thing to do. Several of our fellow contra dance weekends announced their cancellations earlier this week. Large events such as SXSW, Google IO, and NCAA Basketball Games, have also been cancelled in the past week. We needed to wait for our group’s board meeting the evening of 3/12/2020 before making it official.

While the virus is not the worst the world has seen, it has shown itself to spread widely and quickly, easily overwhelming health care resources in parts of China and Italy. For those effected most severely, the virus stimulates pneumonia-like lesions in the lungs, preventing the absorption of life giving oxygen. Based on infections in China, the mortality rate is estimated to double without access to proper medical supports such as oxygen and ventilation support. The more people have the virus, the more likely it is that someone we love in a vulnerable demographic will also get it and be at serious risk. Our decision to cancel is primarily aimed at protecting those people, and secondarily at reducing the rate of spread as much as possible to reduce the load on the healthcare system.

“It’s time for us to do what we do best: take care of each other…. Our dance, song, and music traditions will not go away if we need to hit the pause button for a while. They’ve made it through population migrations, world wars, and the rise of digital entertainment. Dancing and singing together will continue with gusto after the initial virus has run its course. Be kind and understanding with the dancers, singers, musicians, callers, and organizers around you. ” – CDSS

Here are some helpful articles and resources:

CDC Website

NC Dept of Health and Human Services Website

Dance in the time of corona

CDSS Statement on Covid-19

Flattening the Curve for COVID-19, from University of Michigan

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