Lower Foyer

Flat Footing
Terry Doyle with Recorded Music
In this workshop, Terry will be teaching Flat-footing, a traditional way of using dance steps to create mesmorizing rhythms with your feet. It's a little similar to clogging, and pretty different from (but related to, like a second cousin) modern tap dancing. Terry has been perfecting the teaching and technique of this style for years, and has produced instructional videos on it. She'll base what's covered in this workshop on the experience levels of participants. It'll be a toe-tapping good time!

Olivia Peachley with our voices
In this workshop Olivia will be leading rounds and ballads with sing-along choruses, and opening the floor to others who would like to lead or teach one. If you have a favorite, bring it along! Before Netflix, TV, and radio, we had singing and dancing, right? We're doing plenty of dancing, so take a load off and come help celebrate the other with your heart and voice.