Main Stage

Morning Contras
Jesse Edgerton and Toss the Possum
Start the morning with Jesse and Toss the Possum, and uplifting and inspiring dances. The themes will be little-to-no-walkthroughs, medley, and interesting dances. Attend this workshop by itself for $12, or attend 2 or more workshops for $10 each.

Challenging Contras
Robert Cromartie with The Gaslight Tinkers
Now that you're body's awake and moving, let's challenge your brain a bit. If you think that circling right and men chaining are fun ways to keep on your toes, then this workshop is definitely for you. But be prepared for only the best...Robert has collected some pretty amazing dances. As Crocodile Dundee would put it, "That ain't a knife....THIS is a knife."

Go with the Flow
Smooth Contras with Cis Hinkle and the Gaslight Tinkers
Do you love it when the dance magically moves from one figure to the next? Do you love it when the dance, the music, and the entire room magically meld into one amazing experience? Come dance smooth, flowing contra dances, with Cis offering some pointers on how to use music and momentum to make the most of them.

Irish Set Dancing
Tyler Johnson with Rip the Calico
Irish set dancing is a unique folk dance that is both energetic and interactive. Couples make sets of 8 people, and dance repeating figures to lively traditional music.  All dances will be lead/called in this workshop, beginners are welcome, and you do not need to bring a partner.